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Journey to the Diamond Land 4 days

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4 days 4 nights

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The 4-day tour program includes visits to the exhibition, museum, tourist complexes, jewelry house and diamond factory. You will see the national flavor of Yakutia, learn its history.


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Day 1

  • The tour begins with a meeting of guests at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

  • In the evening - dinner.

Day 2

  • The next morning – breakfast, after which the excursion part of the tour begins.

  • The first object is the Archy Dyiete Yakut ceremonial center.

  • In this center, you can pass the rite of blessing – Algys.

  • According to Yakut beliefs, herbal smoke and prayers are purged of evil spirits. Ceremonies are held by “algyschit” – a man who, according to legend, can conjure a kindly force. Through the fire, he appeals to the deities and asks them for luck, health, or help.

  • In the tradition of the Yakuts, it is customary to meet with this rite every guest who has come from far away.

  • After the “Algys” ceremony, the excursion leaves for the tourist complex “The Kingdom of Permafrost”. The Kingdom of Permafrost is a unique underground gallery, all exhibits of which are made of ice. The temperature here does not fall below -10°C and does not rise above -4°C. In winter it is much warmer than on the street. The gallery displays such exhibits as ice figures of fish and fishermen, characters of famous cartoons, there is even an ice bed! And, of course, in "The Kingdom of Permafrost" there is a real ice residence of Father Frost!

  • After a walk among the ice figures, a hot lunch awaits you in the restaurant.

  • The next point of the tour is the Mammoth Museum. The museum was founded in 1991 and has incredible value. Here, not only unique paleontological materials are stored and displayed, but also the mammoth and mammoth fauna are being studied.

  • In addition to various exhibits of bone remains of large animals of mammoth fauna, completely restored skeletons of mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and bison are also represented.

  • Today, the Mammoth Museum is a cultural and scientific institution that is engaged in the study of mammoth fauna and its habitat in the ice age.

  • The tour program also includes visits to the local organic food market and shopping centers. For the convenience of movement during the tour, a car with a driver and a guide are provided.

  • In the evening, a delicious dinner is served and on this the first day program ends.

Day 3

  • The next day begins with a rich breakfast, after which the excursion begins.

  • The first point is a visit to the exhibition "The Treasury of Yakutia." Here you will find halls with precious stones and gems, with author's jewelry, with exhibits of ancient men's and women's clothing, which exemplify the climatic conditions of Yakutia.

  • After the exhibition we set off for the Kierge Diamond & Mammoth Center. "Kierge" is the largest jewelry company in Yakutia in the sphere of consumer services.

  • Thanks to the numerous mines of gold and silver, the people of Sakha have been engaged in jewelry business since ancient times. From generation to generation, the traditions of mining and processing of precious metals are passed on. Women's jewelry, such as bracelets and earrings made of silver, have no analogues all over the world!

  • The world's first Diamond & Mammoth center is located in the jewelry house, this center demonstrates the wealth of natural resources of Yakutia, as well as products made by local bone cutters.

  • This center presents a collection of exclusive products “Permafrost Symphony”, which perfectly combined gold, silver, diamonds, green chrome diopside, lilac charoite and mammoth bone.

  • Kierge Jewelry House presents an incredible variety of national jewelry made of gold and silver, as well as a wide range of jewelry from Russian manufacturers at the most affordable prices.

  • Jewelry created by master jewelers of the Kierge Jewelry House won a huge number of contests and are an integral part of the Yakut culture.

  • From the jewelry house, the tour leaves for lunch at a restaurant.

  • Then you are given a unique opportunity to see the process of cutting a diamond to a perfect brilliant in a diamond factory.

  • 97% of all Russian diamonds are mined in Yakutia. Thanks to this, Russia currently holds the first place in the world in diamond mining (29% of the market), which means that almost every third diamond in the world is from Yakutia!

  • The skill of the Yakut diamond cutters glorified the northern stones throughout the world, because diamond cutting is one of the most important indicators of the quality of the stone.

  • There are many standards for cutting diamonds. We will talk about the world standard “Hearts and arrows”, which has received worldwide recognition as diamonds with an absolutely perfect cut. Only 0.001% of the world's rough diamonds are suitable for producing perfect diamonds. And only a few hundred master around the world are able to make the perfect cut.

  • We are proud that the Yakutian cutters are one of the few that possess the skill of this cut.

  • High value diamonds become a brand of Yakutia.

  • The last stop is the restaurant, where a delicious dinner awaits you. On this the program of this day ends.

Day 4

  • The last day of the tour begins with a hearty breakfast at the hotel. Then follows a trip out of town to the Ortho Doydu tourist complex. It is located among nature, 49 km from the city. You will spend this day getting acquainted with the history of Yakutia, enjoying its nature and absorbing its culture.

  • Not far from the complex is the Yakut Zoo - one of the rare places that have preserved the purity of nature. The creation of the park has several important goals. One of them is the conservation and breeding of wild animals in artificial conditions.

  • The zoo contains animals of both local and exotic fauna. Visiting the zoo, you have a unique opportunity to observe the life of polar bears.

  • The zoo also has brown bears, bison, deer, wolves, foxes, rabbits and many other animals.

  • In the tourist complex you will be given a tour of the rites and culture of the Sakha people. You can also ride on Yakut horses and take a photo in Yakut national clothes.

  • In the evening, you will have an outdoor barbecue and dinner at the Orto Doydu restaurant. Dinner is a gastronomic show of Yakut national cuisine. After him, especially for guests, the performance of ethnic musicians will begin.

  • At the end of the performance, the tour returns to the hotel, from where the transfer of guests to the airport follows.
    This concludes the «Journey to the Diamond Land 4 Days» tour.


  • Staying in the hotel 3* or 4* in Yakutsk and resting in eco-houses in touristic complex “ORTODOYDU”
  • Breakfast, dinner, supper
  • All transfers by comfortable bus
  • Transfers from/to the airport
  • Excursion entrance and the whole program
  • Guiding
  • Flight from Seoul-Yakutsk-Seoul (2 flights in a week, direct flight by “Yakutia” Air company), flying out from airport Incheon, Seoul – Wednesday (16.40), return from Yakutsk – Sunday (06.00), flight time 4 hours 30 min
  • The Medical insurance

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. ул. Короленко, 6 корпус 1, Якутск, Респ. Саха (Якутия), Russia, 677000


Extra service
  • Horse riding 40 $/person

  • Warm clothes rent (jacket, trousers, boots, fur cap) 80 $/ a day

  • 3. Visiting of National park “Lena’s Pillars”, 200 km, 100$/person (Organization of this trip possible on 4th day also). Visiting period February-March.
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