The most northern Yakut zoo

The most northern Yakut Zoo, located near the tourist complex “Ortho Doydu” – one of the rare places that have preserved the purity of nature.
The zoo is located 50 km from the city among stunningly beautiful landscapes.
The creation of the park has several important goals. One of them is the conservation and breeding of wild animals in artificial conditions.

The story of Kolymana, a wild polar bear cub that lost its mother and was miraculously found by the “Bear patrol” in 2012, touched the whole world. Kolymana got used to life in an enclosure quickly. She arrived at the zoo 12-kilogram and for eight months was able to gain weight up to 100 kg!
At the end of 2012, another polar bear, whose name was Lomonosov, was brought to the zoo. In 2016, the first bear cub, Khaarchaana, was born at Kolymana and Lomonosov, and at the end of 2019 – another one, whose gender is still unknown.

The Yakutsk zoo is a place where animals are taken care of with great love. If you visit it, you will be able to observe the life of polar and brown bears, bison, deer, wolves, foxes, hares, more than 50 species of birds and many other animals.

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