People of the world Khomus Museum and Center

Khomus is a Yakut musical instrument whose age is more than 5000 years.

For the people of Sakha, khomus has sacred power and is a symbol of national culture.

Yakut khomus is a tool for shamans. In their rituals, shamans used mostly instruments with a low, reverberating sound. It was believed that the sound of the khomus is woven from cosmic vibrations and is a tool connecting a person with the upper world. Shamans used khomus to heal people and expel evil spirits. Also, this instrument often accompanied love confessions when the most secret feelings showed through it.

The sound of the khomus to this day captivates the audience and mentally transfers them to the faraway past.

The Peoples of the World Khomus Museum presents more than 500 different khomuses, as well as similar musical instruments from 43 countries.

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