Diamond and mammoth center ” Kierge”

Kierge Jewelry House is the largest jewelry company in Yakutia in the sphere of consumer services.

Thanks to the numerous mines of gold and silver, the people of Sakha have been engaged in jewelry business since ancient times. From generation to generation, the traditions of mining and processing of precious metals are passed on. Women’s jewelry, such as bracelets and earrings made of silver, have no analogues all over the world!The world’s first diamond-mammoth center is located in the jewelry house, this center demonstrates the wealth of natural resources of Yakutia, as well as products made by local bone cutters.
This center presents a collection of exclusive products “Permafrost Symphony”, which perfectly combined gold, silver, diamonds, green chrome diopside, lilac charoite and mammoth bone.

Kierge Jewelry House presents an incredible variety of national jewelry made of gold and silver, as well as a wide range of jewelry from Russian manufacturers at the most affordable prices.
Jewelry created by master jewelers of the Kierge Jewelry House won a huge number of contests and are an integral part of the Yakut culture.

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