Are tickets included in the tour price?
No, tickets are not included in the tour price.
How to get to the hotel?
The tour program involves the transfer of guests from the airport and, at the end of the tour, to the airport
How to overcome the language barrier?
A tour guide with knowledge of a foreign language is provided throughout the tour.
Will I be able to adapt to your cuisine?
Of course, dishes of national cuisine can seem quite exotic, therefore, the menu also includes dishes of European cuisine.
Will I have the opportunity to see the city outside the tour?
Yes, every evening after the excursion, free time is supposed, in which a car with a driver and a guide is provided.
Is hotel accommodation included in the price of the tour?
Yes, hotel accommodation is included in the price of the tour.
Do I need to book a room when buying a tour?
No, when buying a tour, only the number of adults and children should be indicated.
Can I choose another hotel?
Yes, if you want to stay in a hotel with greater stardom, you can stay in the Azimuth or Tygyn Darkhan hotels, which have 4 stars.
What if I don’t have warm clothes?
Our company offers rental services for special warm clothes of your size. We provide a warm down jacket and pants, thermal boots and a hat. To rent clothes, you must leave a request in the message in advance.
Is medical insurance included in the tour price?
A medical insurance is not included in the tour price, so you need to solve this issue in your country.
Can I replace or add a place to visit on a tour?
Yes, we can change the tour program for some tourist sites. To clarify the possibility of replacing a tourist site, you must contact us in advance.
Where can I read about your company?
Information about the Ortho Doydu hotel is provided on the website https://ortodoydu.com/, you can also view information about the hotel on the website https://www.booking.com/hotel/ru/ortodoyduhotel.html?aid=352782&label=2gis&utm_source=2gis&utm_medium=SPPC&utm_content=text&utm_campaign=
Do I need a visa?
You can find out information about the need for a visa on the website of the consular service of the Russian Foreign Ministry
Is partial payment possible?
Yes, partial payment is possible. You can find out the details by leaving a request.
What is included in the tour price?
The tour price includes: • accommodation in a 3- or 4-star hotel with breakfast • tickets for visiting declared excursions; • meals (lunch and dinner); • all transfers in comfortable cars; • guide-escort.
How to contact you?
For communication, you can leave a message in the pop-up window or send an email to info@tripyakutiа.com

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