Buluus or snow in the summer

Buluus is the unique source of the underground water which shapes the ice fields of clean fresh water which do not melt even in the warmest days. It is very popular among people and guests of Yakutia. The word “Buluss” is translated from Yakut language as “glacier” or “cellar”. This place is admitted as the […]

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Yakutia Unique Culture

Yakutia is not only rich in resources and natural landmarks but also in culture and traditions. When meeting foreigners, many of them are very surprised to hear that I am from Russia. And indeed, appearance-wise to many of you we may appear distinctly East Asian. But that’s were the similarities end! In fact, the Yakut […]

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Yakutia Natural Resources

Yakutia is ridiculously rich in natural resources. Gold, diamonds, oil, natural gas and silver, you name it, Yakutia has it! For instance, almost 15% of the world’s diamonds production comes from Yakutia. But Yakutia is not only rich in diamonds, it has also enormous oil and gas reserves. While Yakutia’s natural gas production has so […]

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Clothes. If you are coming here from abroad during the winter, you will find that your clothes are insufficiently warm. Russians and Yakuts know a thing or two about keeping warm, so Yakutsk is a fine place to pick up a coat or some fur lined boots. The cheapest options, and they are very affordable, […]

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Ysyakh (Ысыах)

This is the big festival, the biggest traditional Yakut festival there is. It’s the Yakut national festival celebrating (and wishing for) fertility, usually celebrated on the Summer Solstice (21 June). In some years the date can wander around. There’s an all-nationality parade in the suburb of Us Khatyn (Ус Хатын), which sees tens of thousands […]

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