Labynkyr is the lake in Oymyakon region in the east of Yakutia. It is well-known for the uncertain creature which is supposed to live there. It has to be noted that despite of the low temperature in winter (- 50°C and lower) the water freezes very slowly. It remains to be the mystery for the scientists.

The legend of Labynkyr. 

Local people believe that one very large creature lives in the lake and they call it “The devil of Labynkyr”. They describe it as dark-grey colored something with the huge chaps. According to the legend, “The Devil” is very aggressive and dangerous, attacks people and animals and even capable to get on the shore.

The scientists became interested in “The devil of Labynkyr” after the report of expedition of geologist V.Tverdokhlebov: “The creature floated close enough. It was something alive, some kid of animal. It moved through an arc: firstly along the lake and then directly to us. While it was getting closer I felt a strange consternation and cold inside of me. The dark grey carcass and eyes of the animal rose above the water. Something like stick was on the body… We saw only a little part of the animal but I guess there was a huge massive body below the surface…”