The park is part of a large-scale project aimed at creating a network of Russia – My History parks in Russian regions. It is the result of a collaborative effort by the regional authorities, the Foundation for Humanitarian Projects, and Gazprom.

The multimedia complex is based on two floors. The exhibition area is divided into four sections: “Rurikids,” “Romanovs,” “1917–1945. From Great Upheavals to the Great Victory,” and “Russia – My History. 1945–2016.”

Special importance is placed on regional content with an insight into the history of the region in the context of the abovementioned periods and the themes of the exhibition, generated with the help of local history experts and leading researchers of Yakutia.

The museum’s multimedia books delve into the symbols of Yakutia, the role of the region as an outpost of Russia’s Far East, the epic tale of Olonkho proclaimed by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, and many other topics.