Yakutian’s winter

Journey to the diamond land.


Winter Yakutia

November — January


Spring Yakutia

February — April


Summer Yakutia

June — August


Golden Yakutia

September — October


About Yakutia

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest region of Russia. Its territory is more than 3 million square kilometers, and it is really a huge territory. On the territory of Yakutia, you can place 30 South Koreas or 4 France!

The climate is sharply continental: long, cold winters are changes for hot summers. The average temperature in winter is -50°C, and in summer +28°C.

Yakutia is incredibly rich in diamonds, gold and furs. And here, more often than not, people find well-preserved objects of the mammoth fauna.

In Yakutia there is a cold pole – Oymyakon, one of the harshest places on Earth where people constantly live and work. A record low temperature of -67.7°C was recorded here!

All this, as well as unmalting glaciers, vast expanses of untouched nature, amazing geological formations and our attractions, attract tourists from all over the world to visit this amazing Republic.


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A bit more about Yakutia

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest administrative and territorial subdivision in the world and accordingly, the largest part of the Russian Federation. It occupies one-fifth of the territory of Russia. It is such a large area that there could be located seven European countries: Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Finland, Greece and Sweden. The […]

National Art Museum

Don’t miss this excellent museum, with Sakha-themed exhibits covering local craftmaking traditions (mammoth tusk carvings, reindeer boots, finely carved urns for kumiss – fermented mare’s milk), landscape paintings and portraits. Look out for the captivating paintings of village life by Andrei Chikachev (born 1967), the most famous living Sakha artist.

Historical Park Russia

The park is part of a large-scale project aimed at creating a network of Russia – My History parks in Russian regions. It is the result of a collaborative effort by the regional authorities, the Foundation for Humanitarian Projects, and Gazprom. The multimedia complex is based on two floors. The exhibition area is divided into […]

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