The Old City

The Old City, reconstructed in the architectural style of the 19th century, is in the very center of Yakutsk, and is bordered by the streets Ammosov, Arzhakov, and the Plaza of the Fallen Soldiers. The streets are off limits to traffic, paved as they are with wooden billets, and there are cafeterias, markets, all in […]

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Sacred Kysilyah Mountain

The true masterpiece of the mountain part of Yakutia is the Kysilyah mountain. It is located in the Verkhoyansk district on the watershed of Yana and Adycha rivers in the spurs of the Kisilyakhsky ridge, part of the mountain system of the Chersky ridge. The height of the mountain Kysilyah is 1070 meters above sea […]

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Tukulans — the Yakut deserts

Tukulan is one of the brightest exotic objects in Yakutia that doesn’t have any analogs in the world. Real desert unexpectedly arises in the middle of the Siberian taiga on the bank of the northern river Lena. In translation from the Evenk language «tulukan» means «sands». The biggest tulukan called Saamys-Kumaga is situated in Diring […]

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Mammoth Museum

Mammoth Museum is a specialized scientific and cultural institution which conducts the study of mammoth, mammoth fauna, its natural environment in the ice age and spreads the scientific knowledge among people. Also there is an almost complete mammoth skeleton on display, as well as a model of “Dima” the mummified mammoth calf discovered in the […]

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Orto Doidu Zoo

This popular zoo is some distance from Yakutsk, but it’s well worth the trouble of getting out here if you’re interested in the fascinatingly hardy fauna of Yakutia and Arctic Russia. Among the collection you’ll find polar bears, wolves, reindeer, elk, brown bears and even a golden eagle.

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