“Piece” mine is not only a visiting card of the diamond capital of Yakutia, but also one of the main attractions of the country. Located in the west of Yakutia diamond pipe is one of the deepest in the world. The depth is 450 meters, the outer diameter is 1.2 thousand meters with a bottom diameter of 300 meters.

The quarry began to be developed in 1957, diamond mining was conducted in it for 44 years. In 2001, the production of diamondiferous kimberlite ore was stopped here and the quarry has since been mothballed.

This is one of the most spectacular sights on the planet. Helicopters do not fly over a giant funnel – they are simply being pulled by an air wave. As befits any miracle, legends are composed about the “Piece” diamond mine. As the legend says a person feels dizzy while being below but when as he rises up the euphoria experience appears. 

You can get to the huge funnel through the dumps 300 meters from the airport of Mirny. Also there is an observation deck for tourists where you will able to see a breathtaking view!